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Responsive tailoring brought to you by iPLANiT

Introducing Responsive Tailoring©, from iPLANiT, which ensures that no matter what device your customers’ use, your content is dynamically presented like a perfectly fitted suit.

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Allow us to introduce ourselves

Allow us to introduce ourselves

About iPlanit

Established in 2000, iPLANiT  is a bespoke digital agency with a proven track record of delivering quality solutions for some of the biggest companies in the global and Irish market.

Our Aim

Through our industry know-how and passion we provide a forward-thinking, panoramic insight into the changing digital landscape.

We believe in providing “Complete Satisfaction” to our customers.  This is achieved through  on-hand, personal engagement through out all stages of the development process.

What we do

  • Build your brand

    Build your brand

    Catch their eye

    iPLANiT builds engaging brands that capture the unique tone and message needed to stand out crowded marketplaces.
    We dive in and filter down a companies presence to identify its singular defining voice, We then amplify this voice and create branding that speaks for itself.

  • Online Marketing

    Online Marketing

    Be heard

    Utilising our in-house experts, WiLDFiRE , we allow our clients succeed online. Understanding the digital landscape isn’t enough for us, we take time to understand your business and create result driven campaigns.
    We provide our clients with the tools necessary to define and build the conversation with their customers.

  • Content is king

    Content is king

    Style and substance

    Looks will only get you so far
    At iPlanit we know that a website is only as good as the content it delivers the end user. Time and again fantastic website design is let down my poorly executed content.
    iPlanit can help you make the most of your website and online campaigns by creating engaging content that begs to clicked.

  • Tailored for you

    Tailored for you

    Default is for the defeated

    Competition is an unavoidable trait of today’s market. iPlanit makes sure that the experience that you present is tailored specifically to you and your customers needs.
    We create a wide range of digital solutions that showcase your business in a more modern and compelling way possible to help you stand out.

Our Team

  • Chad


    Managing Director

    An experienced team leader.
    Chad can plot a smooth course for even the most complex development cycles.

  • Rosey


    Marketing Expert

    An expert online marketing and SEO, When she’s not lecturing as a recognised industry thought leader she’s helps iPlanit’s clients find their voice.

  • Eoin


    Senior Designer

    Eoin is our pixel whisperer, and can translate any business need into a striking, digital solution.

  • Maja


    Senior Developer

    Maja is a cross between an architect and a wizard.
    She develops bespoke sites to meet any requirement.

  • Roc



    Our network maestro.
    Roc ensures that that your site is host in a secure stable and scalable environment
    (he’s camera shy)

A proven approach

A proven approach

Agile methods, flexible production

iPLANiT uses the agile scrum methodology to deliver projects such as the your potential new website design and development project on time without compromising our high quality standards.

Our projects versioning is controlled through the Jira agile scrum platform.


Responsive Design

Responsive Design

We will build websites that look fantastic on any devices from a low resolution smart phone to a high resolution wall projection.

When we are designing your site we think about how it will look on all possible platforms and ensure that regardless of what device it is viewed upon all the priority call-to-actions and key functionalities are positioned appropriately.

We ensure that we exploit the possibilities of unique to each platform such as  creating all Phone Number links as TEL:// URLs so they can be clicked on from Mobile devices to dial.

Some of the clients enjoying fully responsive sites.

Some of our customers enjoying fully responsive design

Where are your customers?

Where are your customers?

What are you reading this on? A desktop? A laptop? It could be a large smart tv, or a small smartphone.

Your customers also have an incredible range of possible devices from which to visit your site. Mobile internet usage is on track to increase by 16% from 2010 levels meaning mobile users will overtake desktop users. Make sure you are ready to talk to your customers where they are.

Don’t be a stranger

We would welcome the opportunity of working with you and your colleagues to create a fantastic looking, intuitive and easy to use website.

We have lots of experience when it comes to building bespoke online applications and solutions for many clients from a variety of industry backgrounds accordingly we feel that we are ideally placed to assist you with the development and delivery of this overall project.

As well as providing a great end user experience the <company name>  site we are proposing will save  you time, costs, and engage the identified target.

Should you have any questions or queries, or should wish to discuss our proposal in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely


Chad Gilmer


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